English Ivy Green Plant

English Ivy Green Plant

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  •  Live plant along with plastic pot
  •  Plants height with pot is 1 foot and pot size is 5 inches diameter.
  •  Plants nature is indoor-semi shade, alternate day watering
  •  Useful for gifts Plants, Tabletop Plants & hanging pots
  •  Best foliage plant & air purifier Plant

Hedera helix-English Ivy is a true ivy with evergreen foliage which is commonly used for a ground cover. Hedera helix-English Ivy can also climb structures such as walls and fences. It makes a thick, lush carpet and is considered a climbing vine. Water thoroughly but allow the soil to dry between waterings. Prefers low to moderate light. Hardy in zones 5-9.

Container Gardens/Terrariums/Houseplants: Hedera helix-English Ivy does well in container gardens, terrariums or as a houseplant. Easy care and low light needs make this vine attractive to indoor gardeners with it's lush, thick foliage and interesting leaf shape and color patterns. Pruning can easily be done to keep it a desirable size.

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